Kamanar Secondary School, Tionck Essil, Senegal
15th-cycle Recipient, Aga Khan Award for Architecture
The Story

To mark Black History Month this February, we present a selection of the many Archnet resources focusing on the African continent!

A3-Archnet Collaborative for the Documentation of Africa's Built Heritage
James de Vere Allen: Swahili Kingdoms
Aga Khan Visual Archive: Nigeria
Sebastian Schutyser: Mali
Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery
Khartoum, Sudan
Djenné Great Mosque Restoration
Djenne, Mali
Mapungubwe Interpretation Center
Limpopo, South Africa
Masjid Fakhr al-Din
Mogadishu, Somalia
Federal University of the Cameroon
Yaoundé, Cameroon
Niamey 2000
Niamey, Niger
Straw Castle
Diourbel, Senegal
Gidan Makama Museum
Kano City
Umubano Primary School
Kabeza, Rwanda
Reading the Contemporary African City
Zanzibar: A Plan for the Historic Stone Town