Wadi Al-Natroun Detoxification Centre
Beheira, Egypt

For the rehabilitation of young drug addicts, the centre contains six double-bedrooms with adjoining bathrooms, a doctor’s room, and waiting and reception rooms, all organised around two open courtyards within which two free-standing meditation pavilions are located. The project employs loadbearing walls built either of compressed earth blocks stabilised with 7% lime, or of local sandstone. The traditional Nubian-style vault and dome roofs are built from baked red-clay bricks; half-domes are also integrated and designed as windcatchers, and the project is naturally ventilated throughout. Exterior walls are finished with white cement plaster, and interior walls are plastered in clay stabilised with cement. Local carpenters crafted the doors and windows, and the floors are all surfaced with red tiles.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Beheira, Egypt
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Completed 2019
630 m²
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health care