Isma'ïl al-Mansur
b. 913; d. 953 / b. 300 - d. 341 AH

Dates: r.

3rd Fatimid Caliph in Ifriqiyya

Abu Tahir Isma'il, better known by his regnal name al-Mansur bi-Nasr Allah, was the third caliph of the Fatimid Caliphate in Ifriqiya, ruling from 946 until his death. He presided over a period of crisis, having to confront the large-scale Kharijite rebellion of Abu Yazid. He succeeded in suppressing the revolt and restoring the stability of the Fatimid regime.

Variant Names
Isma'ïl al-Mansur
Ismail al-Mansur
Ismail al-Mansour
المنصور بنصر الله
Al-Mansur bin Nasr Allah
Abu Tahir Isma'il
أبو طاهر إسماعيل