Jonathan Bloom
United States

Jonathan Bloom is the Norma Jean Calderwood University Professor of Islamic and Asian Art at Boston University, a position he shares with his wife, Sheila Blair. He received his PhD. from Harvard University in 1980. His area of research and interest includes Islamic art and architecture, the history of paper, and art in the medieval Mediterranean world. Professor Bloom teaches courses on the history of Islamic art and architecture. He also offers undergraduate seminars on such subjects as the arts of medieval Spain and the history of Cairo. His research has explored the history and development of the minaret, the history of paper, and the art of the Fatimid dynasty in North Africa and Egypt. He has written several books with Sheila S. Blair, his wife and co-holder of the Calderwood Chair, with whom he also served as principal consultant acclaimed documentary Islam: Empire of Faith, shown nationally on PBS.

Source: Boston College website

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Jonathan M. Bloom