Moorish Monuments of Algeria: richness and diversity
Regional Surveys

This collection on Algerian Moorish landmarks consists of 27 most prominent historic architectural sites in Algeria. Moorish architecture is defined here as pre-Roman, Islamic, or neo-Moorish architecture. In other terms, an architecture that is produced by the local population of the central Maghreb. Each site is fully documented including descriptions, images (historic and contemporary), videos, and drawings (plans and/or elevations).

The collection provides an online platform that tries to fill some gaps in the existing English literature on traditional architecture and urbanism in Algeria. Though I have curated and developed much of the material in the collection, it encompasses the work of several scholars, namely: Michael TolerAnas Soufan, Eric Ross, Akhtar Badshah, Marilyn Jenkins-Madina, and others.

--Amine Kasmi, Curator

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