Noa Galata Triumvirate / Lüleci Hendek Apartments
Istanbul, Türkiye
The Lüleci Hendek was the most flamboyant of the trio of apartment buildings constituting the Noa Galata Triumvirate. Originally built in the 1910s, the base site has been regarded as particularly ambitious in regards to its architecture and location, in addition to being notable in both its size and condition. 

In the contemporary renovation and redesign of the building, spearheaded by Elif Özdemir, only steel strengthening was done. All the wood work, doors and upholstery were renovated with the inclusion of their original details. These details, as well as the building's original architecture, were taken into account, prior to its contemporary remodeling. 

--Adapted from the project description of architect Elif Özdemir.
Istanbul, Türkiye
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1910/1328 AH, renovated 2006/1427 AH
3500 sq m
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