Kasser Şelalesi Enerji Müzesi
Lara, Antalya, Türkiye
In the Lara district, of the town of Antalya-Muratpaşa, the Düden stream falls into the sea, forming the Kasser Waterfall, known for its impressive visual quality. A park, with the purposes of resting, sightseeing and leisurely wandering, exists at the site of Kasser Falls. To further develop the empty spaces surrounding this park, a facility has been commissioned to serve as the Kasser Waterfall Hydroelectric Station and Energy Museum

The museum design consists of two constructed parts. The first section will be situated above ground, and the second, will be constructed underground. The first section will serve as the primary and largest space of the museum, and has been designed to reflect the morphology of the cliffs, while taking into account the function requirements of the museum. Its various surfaces incorporate a range of materials, including steel, glass, wood, and stone on different different planes. The entrance of the museum, will feature a counter for sales.  The primary museum functions will be conducted in the structure's wings. The wings are designed to house permanent and temporary exhibition halls, simulation rooms, projection capable conference halls, and spaces for interactive applications. This area also contains facilities such as restrooms and a kitchen.

The second section, underground, is cylindrical and provide passage for visitors to the lower sections of the museum. Observers will be able to access this section with a transparent elevator located in this section's center.  A platform situated near the transparent elevator will be constructed with protective glass, allowing observers a clear line of vision to the central underground from the first floor.
The area where the power plant and turbines exist utilizes a cylinder construction, which will be 30-35 m deep. Water streaming in and out of the turbines will be visible through transparent pipes in an open pool. Observers will be able to exit the elevator an access attached steel platforms in order to view the turbines, and watch the production and the transfusion of electricity. From this area, it will also be possible continue passage to sea-level, where observers will encounter another platform on the sea.

--Adapted from the project description of architect Elif Özdemir.

Lara, Antalya, Türkiye
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2007/1428 AH
750 sq m
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Kasser Waterfall Hydroelectric Station and Energy Museum
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