Warka Water Project
Dorza, Ethiopia
During a trip to Ethiopia, architect Arturio Vittori discovered the natural beauty of the country along with one of its dramatic realities: a dearth of drinking water. To solve this issue, Vittori and his team came up with an unusual design solution: Warka Water. The prototype consists of an elegant triangular frame, made out of local bamboo, that encloses a thin polyester mesh that captures droplets from high humidity in the air. Tall (9.5 m) and lightweight (80 kg), it is easy to transport, put together and maintain. Most importantly, it collects up to 100 litres of water daily. The aim of the Warka Water project is, in the long run, to create economic and social opportunities based on the manufacturing, setting up and management of the towers. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Dorza, Ethiopia
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Design 2012-2015
Completion 2015
315 m²
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urban design and development