Bagh-i Musaman (MEGT)
Isfahan, Iran
Bagh-i Musaman was on the western flank of the Khiyaban-i Chaharbagh, which was created by Shah ‘Abbas II in 1596. A drawing by Kaempfer in 1684 shows its location, layout, and the features of its gate building flanking the khiyābān. Kaempfer gives the measurements of the garden as 110 paces wide and 240 paces long. His drawing shows an octagonal (musaman) terrace (takht) at the crossing of its alleys (khiyābān), which were planted with plane trees. A lattice was placed at the crossing along its longitudinal alley. A canal from the river Zayanda passed through the garden from west to east. According to Jabiri, this garden, which had a surface of 60,000 zar' and had a good entry building, was sold and turned into houses and a factory.
Sources: Travel Account, 1684 | Court Chronicle, 1881

-Mahvash Alemi


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Alemi, Mahvash. “Bagh-i Musaman.” Middle East Garden Traditions. Dumbarton Oaks, November 18, 2014. Archived at:

Isfahan, Iran
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Bagh-i Musaman
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