Iskender Çelebi Garden (MEGT)
Istanbul, Türkiye
Evliya Çelebi describes this place as follows: It is another heavenly garden by the seaside, designed by Mimar Sinan, which, during the reign of Sultan Selim II, belonged to a district treasurer called Iskender Çelebi. Later, because Iskender Çelebi died with no successors, the garden passed on to the sultans and became a private garden for them. Evliya Çelebi says this garden had 200 gardeners, and includes it as one of the forty imperial gardens.

Source: Travel Account, 17th century

-Nurhan Atasoy, Seyit Ali Kahraman


Evliya Çelebi Seyahatnâmesi: Topkapı Sarayı Bağdat 304 Yazmasının transkripsiyonu (Open in Zotero)

Originally published at: Atasoy, Nurhan, and Seyit Ali Kahraman “Iskender Çelebi Garden.” Middle East Gardens Traditions. Dumbarton Oaks, December 1, 2014. Archived at:

Istanbul, Türkiye
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Dates of attested life: 16th century- 19th century
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Iskender Çelebi Garden
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