Yast Khaneh House
Yazd, Iran

The architects were asked to renovate and redesign a decade-old apartment building in this neighbourhood of Yazd at some distance from the historic city centre. They were charged with improving the thermal performance and making changes to the layout to improve privacy, on a limited budget. The redesign involved the construction of a new skin for the building with light coloured brick in a steel frame and wall posts. The windows overlooking the street were relocated to look onto the interior courtyard and the space between the new skin and the building became a semi-open yet enclosed space affording privacy but adding to the total area of the house.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Yazd, Iran
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Associated Names
Completed 2016
1,200 m²
Variant Names
Yast Khaneh House
Building Usages
private residence
Aga Khan Award for Architecture