Houghton Congregational Mosque
Joannesburg, South Africa

In the Houghton suburb of Johannesburg, the hypostyle prayer hall accommodates 2,000 worshippers and is preceded by a courtyard. Four rows of piers support the interior arches of the prayer hall, and the roof is formed by three tiers of catenary vaults built from load-bearing bricks; geometric-patterned panels at the vault-ends temper the entry of natural light. A tall, tiered dome covers the mihrab and, on the opposite wall, a mezzanine contains the women’s prayer area. Twin 10-storey minarets flank the entrance to the prayer hall; at the furthermost end, domed chambers contain classrooms, three on each side of the mihrab. Drawing on the maritime history of South Africa, the glass-covered courtyard features teak columns and carved panels.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Joannesburg, South Africa
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Completed 2013
2,618 m²
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