DR House
Jakarta, Indonesia

This two-storey private house in Jakarta’s suburbs maximises green outdoor space and aims to blur the boundary between interior and exterior. Along with concrete and steel, natural materials used throughout notably local balau wood and old bricks - draw the house closer to nature and help it to age well. The solid-looking exterior gives way to a delicate, transparent interior, lending an element of surprise. This starts in the lobby with its openwork wooden screens offering serene, dappled light. Lounge and dining room are open-plan. Windows are floor-to-ceiling. Perforated metal stairs allow natural light to filter down from the skylight. Air flows freely round and through the building, cooled by the adjacent pond. Split-level ceilings and floors enrich the spatial quality. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Jakarta, Indonesia
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Completed 2017
456 m²
Variant Names
DR House
Building Usages
private residence
Aga Khan Award for Architecture