The Guild / Omah Library
Jakarta, Indonesia

A private project for a 3-bedroom house with design studio evolved into a public-oriented one to promote architectural learning. The flexibly planned main building incorporates an architecture-focused general library, classroom/exhibition space, materials library, 60-capacity indoor lecture room and 200-capacity lecture amphitheatre, with one-bedroom accommodation above. A football field for safe outdoor play - rare in Jakarta - separates this from a freestanding, easily relocatable children’s library. The main building’s roof is inspired by Javanese traditional architecture, with pyramidal skylights that draw warm air upwards. North-south orientation further enhances thermal comfort. Providing openness in a dense zone, greened outdoor areas are irrigated by harvested rainwater from a rooftop tub that also supplies fish for the occupant’s consumption and flushing water for toilets. 

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Jakarta, Indonesia
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Completed 2016
500 m²
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