Autism Garden
Isfahan, Iran

Targeted therapy before the age of five is crucial for individuals with autism to be integrated into the community and education. Zainab Charity is Iran’s first medical and educational centre for children with autism. A suburban garden with an old building and swimming pool that was donated to it was too remote from health services and transport to serve as a regular playground or residence. It was decided to use the garden as a nature school for the children, and to erect a new multi-purpose building to hire out, generating rental income. Adhering to the old building’s footprint for planning and environmental reasons, it is organised into two zones: the main halls for meetings and activities, transparent to the garden; and the service and support spaces, with small windows, to the back. Brick was used to fit the architectural context. Flexibility of function and avoidance of design excess were key.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Isfahan, Iran
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Completed 2017
700 m²
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