Restoration of Three Mosques
Jerba, Tunisia

Three abandoned 10th-11th century Ibadi mosques, two of them troglodyte and the third a costal watchtower mosque, have been restored for local residents and foreign tourists. The restorations meticulously employed only original local materials: limestone for the frames and lintels of apertures, quicklime for binding mortar and plastering, baked bricks and tiles for vaults and domes, palm wood for timber members, ash and algae for waterproofing, and crushed seashells for surfacing. Widely frequented for its beaches, Djerba increasingly focuses on more sustainable and diversified tourism, and visiting these traditional mosques has gained popularity amongst tourists and respect amongst the island residents.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Jerba, Tunisia
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Completed 2019
345 m²
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area conservation