Cité des Sports de Tanger
Tangier, Morocco

A 74 hectare (182 acre) campus located south of the city center, the complex houses numerous indoor and outdoor spaces for a wide variety of sports, including football (soccer), tennis, swimming, volleyball and pétanque. There are also educational spaces, hotels, a sports clinic and an entertainment area with a shopping mall for sporting goods.1

Construction began in 2014 and most facilities were completed and operational by the summer of 2021. In addition to promoting the human element in the region of the capital of the Strait, this ambitious project is able to give new shine to the image of Morocco internationally since the City is intended to accommodate teams and selections foreigners for training courses or tournaments.


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Tangier, Morocco
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Site Contains
Construction 2014-2022
Area: 74 h.
Variant Names
القرية الرياضية بطنجة
Tangier Sports Village
Building Usages
recreation and sport