SCCA Tamale and Redclay Studios
Tamale, Ghana

Built in conjunction with the Savannah Centre for Contemporary Art (SCCA) in Tamale, Ghana, Redclay Studios is meant to rethink the role of the artist’s studio in the 21st Century. Designed to "intervene" in the cultural scene, it examines the cultural deficits within Ghana in the long term and aims to inspire a new generation with an awareness in the local community (and belief in it) and the world at large. Architecture is used to challenge perceptions: construction includes aeroplanes. While SCCA Tamale contains a library and exhibition hall, Redclay Studios promises (when done) archives, studio spaces, classrooms, screening halls, a library, a sound recording studio, photography studio and a space of gathering (the "parliament"), which will be adorned with an artwork entitled "The Parliament of Ghosts"). To this end, the institutions have already done workshops in photography, drawing, robotics, solar technology, drone technology, history, etc.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

18 N10, Tamale, Ghana
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Completed 2020
5'000 m²
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