Cambridge Central Mosque
Cambridge, United Kingdom

The prayer hall accommodates 1,000 worshippers, including in the women’s area at the rear; the centre comprises separate ablutions areas; a kitchen, café, and multipurpose hall open to all Cantabrigians; an area for children; a community garden and an Islamic garden; and residences for the imam and for students. Environmental sustainability was the focus throughout: the unique tree-inspired fan-vaulted timber structure draws on both British and Islamic architectural heritage; the carbon footprint of the centre is kept low through natural ventilation, lighting, and heating supplemented by mechanical systems only during severe conditions. Sophisticated geometry is a principal feature of the wooden timber vaults and load-bearing timber walls, as well as the patterns of the brick surfacing of walls.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

309 Mill Road, Cambridge, United Kingdom
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Completed 2019
4'900 m²
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