House with a Green Neighbourhood
Tehran, Iran

Many modern houses built in Tehran, Iran, during the last four decades had become unusable.  In particular, many terraces were not used, becoming store rooms. The designers of "A House with a Green Neighbourhood" (452 m² and a 2400 m² of gross floor area) therefore took privacy as a cultural principle. The close proximity of eastern, southern, and northern buildings to their project site and their unwanted viewing access to indoor private spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens and terraces, were the main challenges for the designers. In response, they used a continuous façade with a modern mashrabiye technique. Louvers were used for windows. Two modes of masonry and latticed brickwork were used vertically in all sections such as parking, courtyard walls, terraces, and windows. Through these methods, the designers were able to control the unwanted view, provide for natural ventilation and ensure security.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Tehran, Iran
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Completed 2017
2'400 m²
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