Al-Sabah House
Kuwait City, Kuwait
"The Sabah Palace in Kuwait is the last documented residential project to have been completed in the Gulf and was commissioned by His Highness Prince Nasser Al-Sabah in 1978. In plan, the house represents one of the clearest expressions to date of Fathy's consistent considerations of public and private space, which manifests itself in two totally separate sections offset along a central rift line that acts as a wall between them. The massing of the building also emphasizes this intentional rift, with a high malkaf proudly announcing the location of the central courtyard in the interior. The pergola used over this court is also a familiar image, having been used in the Monasterli residence nearly thirty years before."


Steele, James. 1989. The Hassan Fathy Collection. A Catalogue of Visual Documents at the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. Bern, Switzerland: The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, 53.
Kuwait City, Kuwait
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Sabbagh Palace
Sabah Palace
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