Hilltop Restaurant
Cairo, Egypt
Aga Khan Historic Cities Programme

"Originally conceived as a secluded, five-star restaurant set on the higher hills within the park, the design has evolved to that of a two-storey facility featuring a full restaurant, outdoor terrace, lobby, and, upstairs, a tearoom and manzara cafe.

The total facility consists of 1300 square metres on the ground floor and 500 square metres on the first Access is via the park main entrance (see drawings) and along an internal access drive. A zone for parking(twenty-four cars) will be provided opposite the restaurant entrance; valet parking will be able to park surplus cars in the main parking bays off the park entrance.

The building, designed by architects Rami El Dahan and Soheir Farid, provides a traditional shell for the various dining zones within an interpretation of historic Cairene architecture. The restaurant plan is based on a symmetrical layout whose central axis passes through an entrance palm court, an entry portico, or takhtaboush, before arriving at a terraced garden overlooking the main axis of the park. Along this axis, vistas of the park's main promenade and the Citadel complex, beyond, can be seen."


Rashti, Cameron. "The Development of Azhar Park". 2004. Cairo: Revitalising a Historic Metropolis. (Stefano Bianca and Philip Jodidio, eds.) Turin: Umberto Allemandi & C. for Aga Khan Trust for Culture, 149-163.

Inside al-Azhar Park, Cairo, Egypt
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