Abdulwahab House
Amman, Jordan
At first glance the site for this family house seemed to pose a serious drawback: the 800-square-metre plot is almost landlocked, with a mere 11-metre street frontage. The architects' response draws on the model of the traditional courtyard house. The two-storey L-shaped structure shields itself from the street with stone walls that are almost blank. Behind the walls, the house opens up completely, through extensive glazing, onto a garden court that provides views and a focus for the most significant rooms - reception, dining, family, master bedroom, guest bedroom - as well as the main circulation elements.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Amman, Jordan
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Associated Names
2003/1423 AH
Ground floor area: 229 m²; combined floor area: 608 m²; total site area: 807 m²
Variant Names
Abd al-Wahhab House
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