Amman Electricity Hangar and Ras al Ein Gallery
Amman, Jordan

Amman Electricity Hangar testifies to the advent of power production in the 1930s that proved key to the making of modern Jordan. Now adapted into a public space for socio-cultural and art-related events, a steel walkway has been added to house a gallery narrating the city’s electrification. The Hangar’s main facade is glazed to integrate the interior space with the public plaza in front. The new Ras al Ein Gallery reflects the Hangar’s concrete construction, but its dynamic cubic form contrasts with its monolithic neighbour, instead reflecting the ‘cascade’ of mountainside houses behind. Claustra - hollow concrete blocks popular in Ammani architecture - are used on its facade and as semi-transparent screens within the gallery space.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

Amman, Jordan
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Completed 2010
2,735 m²
Variant Names
جاليري راس العين
Building Usages
urban design and development