Enhancing the Quality of Urban Life: Fifteen Winning Projects of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture

This collection contains 23 films that specifically look at projects from all around the world that have received the Aga Khan Award for Architecture and have contributed to improving the quality of life for city residents. Although these projects are primarily connected to Muslim communities, the messages that they convey are very much universal in nature. 

We will present to you fifteen of these urban and architectural projects that have had an impact on the quality of life in the city along the following themes: (i) public buildings that function as urban landmarks (ii) public buildings that function as urban landmarks; (iii) urban infrastructure, projects that connect the city to the surrounding natural context, (iv) creation of open public spaces, (v) improving the quality of housing for the urban poor, (vi) protection and revitalization of the city's built heritage, and, (vii) the needs and challenges relating to post-conflict cities.

This collection comprises videos that are part of a Massive Open Online Course on the Edraak platform, which features videos, readings, questions & answers, as well as discussion topics. Interested learners can register for the course for free and obtain a course completion certificate. Register here.

The course is taught jointly by Mohammad Al-Asad and Lara Zureikat.

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