Clients and Designers: Models of Patronage in the Built Environment

This course presents a shift in terms of how we view works of the built environment, whether works of architecture, landscaping, or urban planning. It examines them not only from the perspective of those who design them, but also explores the needs, intentions, aspirations, and challenges relating to those who commission them, as well as the interaction between the two groups. The videos in this course cover:

  • A detailed account of the dynamics that take place between the clients and designers of works of the built environment, such as buildings, open spaces, and urban districts.
  • Detailed information regarding the wide diversity of clients who commission works of the built environment, including individuals, governmental agencies, companies, and non-governmental organizations, as well as combinations of them.
  • Accounts of highly energetic and resourceful individuals who have enabled the institutions they are affiliated with to take on the task of the client in an effective, creative, and transformative manner.

Course Outline:

1- Introduction:

  • Introductory lecture I
  • Introductory lecture II

2- Projects from Bahrain, Palestine, and Tatarstan

  • Revitalization of al-Muharraq
  • Projects by the Welfare Association (Palestine): Palestinian Museum and Old City of Jerusalem
  • Revitalization Program
  • Public Spaces Development Program

3- Projects from Bangladesh

  • Arcadia Education Project
  • Bait Ur Rouf (Bayt al-Ra’uf) Mosque
  • Friendship Center

4- Projects from Iran, Turkey, and Tunisia

  • Rehabilitation of Tabriz Bazaar
  • Ipekyol Textile Factory
  • Association for the Preservation of the Medina of Tunis: Revitalization of the Recent Heritage of Tunis,
  • Hafsiyyah Quarter I Project, and Hafsiyyah Quarter II Project

5- Projects by Arriyadh Development Authority, Saudi Arabia

  • Introduction: Arriyadh Development Authority
  • Wadi Hanifah Wetlands Project
  • Great Mosque of Riyadh
  • Projects in Riyadh’s Diplomatic Quarter: Tuwaiq Palace, al-Kindi Plaza, and the Diplomatic
  • Quarter Landscaping Project

6- Projects from Cyprus and Burkina Faso

  • Rehabilitation of the Walled City of Nicosia Project
  • Gando Primary School

7- Projects from Morocco

  • Introduction: Aït Iktel Development Project and Rehabilitation of Asilah
  • Ait Iktel Development Project
  • Rehabilitation of Asilah

8- Projects from Saudi Arabia, France, and Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Corniche Mosque
  • Arab World Institute
  • Conservation of Old Mostar Project

The videos and the course are a collaboration between the Centre for the Study of the Built Environment and the Aga Khan Trus for Culture Education Programme.

The videos and the course are presented by Dr, Mohammad al-Asad.

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